I. Conduct

a. You may not create sockpuppet accounts if you are banned, or so you can play more characters. The maximum amount of characters per player is 2.

b. Any proclamations, blog posts, stories, or other content that intentionally cause outisde-of-game drama will be deleted. If the drama created is not intentional, whoever started it, and heavy participants will be banned.

c. You many not FOR ANY REASON be dishonest about this game. Do NOT add false influence or seals, or you will be tracked down and banned. Depending on the severity of your dishonesty, this could result in anywhere from a 1 month ban to an immediate permanent ban. This category does not fall under normal ban rules.

d. Violations of conduct rules will be banned for 1 week, then for 1 month, then for 3 months, then permanently. If the staff feels the need to institute a longer ban period, they may.\

II. Basic Game

VILLAGES - Villages give you influence, which increases your house's rank. An exports system will be implemented later.

CAPITALS - Members of a county, county sheriffs of a province, and province lords of a country can all vote for a leader in their zone. The leader gains influence. Capitals will later get better uses

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